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Meet the Contestants!

Bios on the seven contestants in the AI Art Contest

Meet the Contestants!

The Waking Up AI Art Contest is in full swing! Since the last update, we received over 60 applications, with submissions coming from around the world. I'm very proud to introduce the seven talented artists selected to participate:


Joanna Gonzalez, Brooklyn NY

Joanna is a visual designer who uses Midjourney as a tool to explore visual concepts in her work.

"In the work I do, I want to connect with and empower others and be able to express my vision in a way that goes beyond boundaries but doing so thoughtfully and humanely. are welcome to visit this deck, where I utilized Midjourney in order to create the Dusty Orchid universe, a concept for a creative studio garden."

Anshuman Kumar, Bengalaru India

Anshuman is a Red Dot-winning industrial designer, currently working for Samsung. He uses DALLE2 actively in his creative process.

"Being an industrial designer I have used [AI art tools] to create initial story boards and series of early iterations around my rough ideas, thoughts & creative direction. "

Ritvik Takkar, Delhi India

Ritvik is a digital artist who has really embraced AI art. 

"My favorite part is creating 3D-looking assets and experimenting with those ideas that I don't find on the internet... I personally see these AI tools as something that will benefit us creators to create more incredible creations. It's of course hard to sustain myself as an artist but the peace of mind that comes with it is what I crave. I don't see myself doing anything else but creating art!"

Monica Trego, Portland OR

Monica is a UX designer, currently working for Apple. Out of all the contestants, she has the least amount of experience with AI art generation -- but brings a unique perspective and approach:

"I’m primarily using combinations of key words and phrases. Some I got from the script or prompt, some I came up with, some are from our conversation, and some words I get from Midjourney Discord. When I see images that are interesting to me, that may convey a mood or concept I’m going for, I add the words to my word cloud."

Vinh Nguyen, Portland OR

Vinh is a software engineer, musician, and artist living in Portland, Oregon. He's had limited experience using AI generated art tools, but is enjoying the process.

"Visual arts for me have typically embraced a sort of controlled chaos, or controlled randomness."

Delta Abbott, London UK

This is Delta's second time participating in a Spacetime Diaries thing -- she designed the Meditations covers!

"At the moment I do freelance graphic design on a small scale but what really excites me is the idea of world building. I'd love to expand my skill set and one day learn how to do 3D modelling and animation to re-create my imagination and weird dreams :)"

Julia Wolf, near Frankfurt Germany

Julia is an illustrator who's worked on video games, print, and character design. She also teaches computer science to students at a nearby school.

"I‘ve loved art since I was small and I‘m really happy I can make a living with it now! To me art is a tool to communicate ideas and I feel we as artists have a big impact on society, even if it’s sometimes just through shaping popular culture."

Support these Artists!

Donations made to the Ko-Fi page will go directly to paying the artists' stipend and the grand prize -- please consider a donation today!

The artists are wrapping up their designs now, submissions are due October 7th. Soon after, a winner will be announced -- stay tuned!

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