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Episode 3: Reasons To Live

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Episode 3: Reasons to Live

This might be my favorite episode yet. It's a matryoshka doll, in the sense that the episode is named after the movie in it, which is named after a poem featured within. The poem was written especially for Waking Up by award-winning poet and educator Maria Garcia Teutsch

I remember being a little confused by the poem when I received it. I asked her to help me edit the early script, and in conversation, she agreed to write something for the middle of the movie scene. I forget exactly what I asked for, but when I first read her poem "Reasons to Live", I think I expected something more obvious. Like all my favorites, only after hearing it dozens of times did it click, and now it's one of my favorite moments in the entire season. I hope you enjoy it too.

I'm also partial to this episode because the music was written entirely in sheet music notation. Yup, the squiggles. I can best describe the experience of writing music this way as euphoric agony, and the end result might be a little messy but to me, it gets the job done. If you want to peruse the score, you can find it here.

Production notes: So I didn't raise the money to hire a live recording session for this, but I took effort to find the best combination of synth tools to recreate an orchestra. The "stack," as the Lingos say, is Dorico notation software + Noteperformer 4 synth engine + Opus Platinum samples.

AI Details: Insofar as staying on theme by using as much AI as possible, at this point I've given up wasting time trying to get AI to generate a decent melody for example. Or have any intrinsic musical intelligence outside of the architecture-dance of musicology. I feel like that will continue, for the foreseeable future anyway, to be our defensible position as a waning species. Honestly, I learned so much more about music by simply proofreading voices for an hour than pounding away at a gpt or noodling with the pathetic menu of AI creative tools out there. Not to mention the enormous time and financial investment in training your own model, at least one of any worthwhile invention. Anyway, if there's AI in the production here it's whatever smoke and mirrors Noteperformer is doing. They claim to use AI, they don't publish how. 


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