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Episode 2: "Tell Me Lies" Streaming Announcement

announces that episode 2 is streaming

Listen to Waking Up, Episode 2: "Tell Me Lies"

Episode 2 is ready for your enjoyment! You'll hear me play cello! You'll hear my voice go gradually from un-autotuned to fully processed, and you may notice other elements of the sonic landscape that change, gradually over the course of the episode. I'm doing this a lot apparently in the music, taking one thing -- one quality or parameter -- and linearly moving it from one state to another. Like waves washing over you. Slowly phasing from one thing to another, and listening for the moment it starts to sound like another thing, noticing how many other "things" were hiding in the space between what you thought were only two things. 

Wanted: String Quartet
Learning to play cello has been a revelation for me. It has me thinking about music a lot more organically. How music is a living thing that exists between co-creators... I don't have great words yet to articulate myself yet, but I bring it up because -- 

I'm really excited about the idea of writing music for a string quartet. The particularly exciting bit is the infinite possibilities that open up when you have a real person and a real instrument. One such is the opportunity to create new sounds, employing notation ideas from contemporary and new music. To that end, I'm hoping to raise money for hiring string quartet -- if you're so inclined, visit the KoFi page to chip in.

Ok! I've got to get back to writing. Thank you for listening! Keep sending your thoughts and ideas!

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