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Spaceship Member Spotlight: Jenise Morgan

A bit of promotion for Jenise Morgan's new film CHLOROPHYLL


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Project Spotlight:

Jenise Morgan
ETA 2023
Fundraising at 53%

You know Jenise. She's been a large part of every Spacetime Diaries season. She's creative, talented, engaged, and always working -- the perfect persona for the Spaceship brand, as they say. Plus, after having read the script to "CHLOROPHYLL" I can see it being really well executed, if given the opportunity. Let's all be part of that. 

That's the idea with the Spaceship. We all can't do it alone. Whether we barter each other's services to achieve dreams together, or we proxy our time with our pocketbooks.

I remember being disgusted by fundraising drives done by religious folk for their churches. It felt icky to pander for money and seemed a bit rude. But now I get it. From a perspective of faith, we want to create utopia together, and that takes money. So to respond to my younger self, a bunch of loud haggling immigrants in north Jersey maybe should be allowed to collectively build a place to support their values and way of life.

Of course, what a religious institution does with that money is still worthy of deep scrutiny.

Anyhoo I'm off on a tangent. Go support Jenise. She's an incredibly talented writer and she needs to hire a team to make it come alive. If you believe making art should be a large part of anyone's life, you should put your money where your mouth is. Forgive my pushy nature, it was how I was modeled.

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